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A new Malawian voice through video

Fanny concentrated while filming

Participatory Video is the most interesting technique we are using to find out what farmers experience in their environment, and what they think of the Climate Smart Agriculture project. It’s also a great way to hear stories from the community.



See the video channel here, with English subtitles.

Our filmmaker, Sabine Hellmann, has developed a comprehensive programme to ensure the project coordinators are trained in video techniques, using high quality yet simple equipment. In turn, these coordinators help farmers to record their valuable insights and, potentially, offer constructive criticism through audiovisual storytelling.

Sabine has just come back from three weeks of intensive training and film-making in Malawi. She picks up the story: “It’s amazing how quickly people take to storytelling through video, it’s like discovering you have a new voice. We’re finding farmers talking about the price of seeds, soil fertility, water storage, anything even vaguely linked to permaculture. The videos look good too!”


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